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Affiliation is where two sites exchange buttons, help each other and support one another. And please don't ask to be a Partner, that's a bit more personal. ^.~

We have decided to only have 14 Affiliates maximum. If we exceed this limit, then some Affiliates will be dropped. We have our own reasons for doing this and please don't be offended if we reject you or remove your site, we still think your site's awesome. ^^;;

Affiliation Status: Closed

If you don't fit the requirements then your site will be rejected.
· Site must be Kingdom Hearts or Square-Enix related, don't waste your and our time if it's not.
· Must get 1000+ unique hits a day, please provide us with proof of your hits.
· Your site must not contain any Porn, inapropriate pictures, Adult XXX or Hentai XXX.
· You must have a reasonable amount of original content, roughly 40+ pages.
· You must be a friendly Webmaster/Webmistress.
· Absolutely no free domain sites, that includes MSN group sites, Geocities, Tripod, Lycos, Angelfire ect.. Although you can have a sub-domain off a gaming site or Square-Enix site.
· Your site must not contain any stolen/taken/ripped content of any kind. All content and graphics must be unique.
· Easy navigation and a nice clean layout.
· No pop-ups.
· Your site can't just be a Forum/Message Board, you need to have a proper site attached.
· You must have a Page Rank of 4+ (find this out from the Google Toolbar or special websites that can tell you)
· Must have good grammar, we don't want to see any major grammatical errors.
· We have the right to remove your button at any time for any reason.
· Must update at least once every two weeks. We don't like inactive sites.

We will review your site and see if it's up to scratch, if it doesn't fit the requirements your request will be ignored.

Our buttons are located at the bottom of this page.

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You should get a reply within a week of sending your request, if you don't then please re-send your request or consult the Webmistress through the Shoutbox, Comment box, or Forum. Thank you..

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