KH Audio
Here we have collected some MIDI's for Kingdom Hearts. We do not own them in any way.

To download, right click on the link and select "Save Target As..".

In alphabetical order:

 Duration  Filesize
 Agrabah  1:36  17KB
 Ansem's Theme (Forze de Male)  2:04  46KB
 Atlantica (Under the Sea)  1:43  29KB
 Blast Away (Gummi Ship)  0:48  19KB
 Deep Jungle  1:28  9KB
 Destiny Island  0:47  13KB
 Dive Into the Heart (Destati)  5:09  43KB
 End of the World  1:46  10KB
 Go For It (Coliseum)  0:53  14KB
 Halloween Town  2:57  26KB
 Hand In Hand (Traverse Town Battle Music)  1:09  15KB
 Hikari (Simple and Clean)  4:15  8KB
 Hollow Bastion  0:59  13KB
 Kairi's Theme  1:24  6KB
 Neverland  1:10  9KB
 Night of Fate  0:59  24KB
 Traverse Town  0:34  3KB
 Turning the Key  0:14  8KB 
 Wonderland  1:43  23KB